Hydrofracking Workshop Held at Duke University

Hydrofracking Workshop, Reynolds Theatre at Duke University. Photo by Megan Morr.

In early January, 2012, the Nicholas School for the Environment held a workshop entitled, Environmental and Social Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing and Gas Drilling in the United States: An Integrative Workshop for the Evaluation of the State of Science and Policy.

The purpose of this workshop was to bring together environmentalists, scientists, federal agencies, regulators and members of industry to discuss the social and environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in the United States.

The guests included representatives from the Environmental Defense Fund, ExxonMobil Production Company/XTO Energy, Inc., Environmental Protection Agency, Labyrinth Consulting Services, Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute, and professors from Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State University, Florida State University, Duke University and more.

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From Left to Right: Robert Howarth, Prof. Ecology & Environmental Biol., Cornell Univ.; Kelvin Gregory, Prof. Civil & Envir. Engineering, Carnegie Mellon Univ.; Avner Vengosh, Prof. Geochemistry & Water Quality, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University; and Robert B. Jackson, Dir., Center on Global Change/Associate Dean of Research, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University.
Photo by Megan Morr.

Audience during the Hydrofracking workshop. Photo by Megan Morr.

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